Thumbelina’s Life Lessons


The 1994 film “Thumbelina” has been my favourite film for as long as I can remember and it wasn’t until when I’ve watched it back recently when I’ve realised how it can teach life lessons to anyone, but especially girls.

Life Lesson One: When something messy happens, don’t let yourself get stuck – carry on singing.


Things in life get messy; we trip up; mess up and fall down. What is important that we move on, throw that sticky cherry off your head and carry on!

Life Lesson Two: Boys aren’t perfect and they let us down.


I know society tells us that we need a man to be strong for us and to lead the way… but that isn’t always true. Boys mess up just like we do and we sometimes have to be the strong ones for them. It’s ok for them to struggle, just like its ok for us to struggle. They will be strong at times just like we will be strong at times.

Life Lesson Three: Make yourself heard.

tumblr_lmc5ct7sS71qi4ns0o1_500Ever feel like people are making decisions or casting judgements over your life without actually listening to you? It’s your life, so make yourself heard and make sure that you are happy with your life.

Life Lesson Four: Follow your heart

tumblr_lzo8xkTGqJ1qgxpclI have some quotes scattered around my flat such as “Listen To Your Heart”, “Take Time To Dream” and “It’s Not Where You Live It’s Where You Love”. We need to listen to our heart and whatever that entails, of course this shouldn’t mean that we act of instinct 24/7 but when we are considering things we should take a moment to think “is this right for me?”

Life Lesson Five: You can find light in the darkest of places.


Even when we’re in the darkest place, we can find light anywhere. God is a great way to turn as (obviously) I believe he is the “light of the world”, but if you don’t believe you can find it in friends, family and life’s little moments.

tumblr_m6cnw0LV3p1qgw4k3o1_250Life Lesson Six: Never Marry The Mole

Thumb15If you don’t love him, or you feel like you’re settling, don’t marry him. He isn’t right for you and you’re not right for him, it isn’t fair.

Life Lesson Seven: Or The Toad

anigif_enhanced-17198-1395955367-6_previewJust don’t.

Life Lesson Eight: Don’t trust the beetle.

BxqkqyaHe’s slimy, creepy and no good for you!

Life Lesson Nine: It’s ok to fall apart sometimes and be broken.

tumblr_m050ficd321qgw4k3o1_r1_500We’re human and life is a journey, sometimes we fall apart and mess up or we might be betrayed… but its ok to be vulnerable and fall apart. Life is hard sometimes… but its about how we react when we get knocked down and how we carry on.

thumbelina-dancing-oLife Lesson Ten: Wait for the boy who does all of these things…

Adores you


Looks at you as if you are the only woman for him.



Encourages you to be you.

giphy (2)

And is proud as punch to have you by his side.


But, remember – he will fall down sometimes and he won’t be perfect. One of the great things about Prince Cornelius is the fact that he isn’t perfect. He flings all caution into the wind when he tries to “rescue” Thumbelina and ends up frozen in a lake. Then, when he FINALLY finds her again, instead of using his wings to pick her up and fly away he instead starts fighting the frog and gets knocked off a bridge. Thumbelina finds her own way, but is reunited with Cornelius in the end.

Life Lesson Eleven: Take joy in the little things


Enjoy the beauty around you. Notice the flowers, the friends, the amazing place that we are in. Be joyful because sometimes the world can seem really horrible.



Life Lesson Twelve: Be You


You are you and you are unique and special, so stop comparing yourself to others and embrace yourself. You’re amazing so give yourself a break.


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